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By Recreation Team | 03 May 2018

5 Most Dangerous Beaches in the World

dangerous beaches

1 - Cape Tribulation (Australia)

The primary dangers at this beach are centered around the diverse wildlife. During certain parts of the year, from November to May, stinging jelly fish often occupy the water. While there are certain stinger suits that can provide decent protection, these jelly fish can certainly pose a threat to swimmers. Crocodiles are also known to lurk near the mouths of the rivers, areas which the locals have learned to avoid. This beach is also home to a fast bird with sharp claws called a cassowary.

The best defense from these birds is hiding behind a tree or trying to scare them off by shouting and waving a jacket around. One of the other potential dangers is the stinging tree which has fine hairs on the leaves that can injure anyone who dares to touch them. Often located at the edge of the forests, these trees can definitely serve as a travel hazard.

2 - Black Sand Beaches of Kilauea (Hawaii)

Famous for its black sand beaches, this dangerous beach in Hawaii is located at the site of an active volcano, the Kilauea volcano. This particular volcano has been experiencing an ongoing eruption since 1983 and continually creates new lava flows that are responsible for a significant amount of damage to the residential areas.

Throughout the past several decades, for example, these lava flows from the Kilauea volcano have devastated a copious amount of houses, roads, and other infrastructure. Due to the imminent threat from lava flows, earthquakes, and other problems associated with the volcano, this beach is quite a dangerous destination.

3 - Staithes Beach (UK)

While this dangerous beach has the potential to serve as a great beach for surfing, the exposure to toxic sewage poses several health risks to any visitors. The contaminated water at Staithes Beach can lead to bacterial infections, viruses, and other negative health outcomes that make it unsuitable for bathing.

Unless the water quality is improved, this surfing spot will continue to serve as a travel hazard for potential surfers and visitors. The chronic sewage problem has made this beach into one of the most harmful beaches in Europe and potentially the world as well.

4 - Schitovaya Bukhta Beach (Russia)

This Russian beach is surrounded by a number of military facilities, so a permit is required to even try surfing here in the first place. Obtaining the permit is the least scary aspect of this dangerous beach, however, given the high risk of exposure to radiation. Although it is supposedly an excellent area for surfing, this dangerous beach contains old submarines that are leaking radiation. The prevalence of old nuclear waste serves as a significant travel hazard.

5 - Gansbaai (South Africa)

The small fishing town of Gansbaai, South Africa is known for its shark-infested beaches that are home to a large selection of marine life, including great white sharks. Because of this, it is a common venue for tourist activities such as shark diving and whale watching.

Photo credit: berniedup on Flickr / CC BY-SA

While it may be a great beach for thrill-seeking and adventure, many people have died from shark attacks and it is certainly not the safest option. The beautiful sunsets and unique marine life attract tourists, but there have also been many causalities.