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By Consumer Team | 23 June 2021

7 Most Common Car Insurance Claims


Thousands of people are in car accidents each year. The majority of them are simply fender benders where the car is damaged without any passenger injuries. The damage from these accidents must be repaired, however, which is where auto insurance comes in. Get to know the top seven car-insurance claims in the industry today.

Car Insurance Claims for Rear-End Crashes

Tailgating and high speeds often lead to rear-end crashes. A person driving behind another vehicle doesn’t realize that traffic is slowing. The driver ends up braking too late, which creates an impact on the leading vehicle. Your car’s rear is typically pushed in with only a little damage to the other vehicle’s front end. The engine’s weight causes most of the damage.

Cracked Windshields

During any car accident, cracked windshields occur. It’s the largest pane of glass on your vehicle. It’s designed to shatter so that the passengers are still safe from any further injuries. Car-insurance claims for cracked windshields are probably the most common. The entire pane must be replaced. Cracks occur during other driving events too. Rocks striking the glass or tree branches falling from above are also possible situations.

Parked-Car Damage

Rear-end accidents of a different type might occur in a parking lot or garage. A person driving through the area strikes a vehicle nearby as they try to maneuver into a parking space. Regardless if the driver notifies the victim, this car-insurance claim is referred to as parked-car damage. In some cases, the damage is minimal because the vehicle was only swiped by another car. These claims involve vehicles driving at slow speeds or stopped altogether.

Back-Up Car Accident

Backing up a vehicle is often treacherous, especially when visibility is hindered. Backing up out of a parking spot or trying to parallel park creates an accident at times. Fault is normally easy to determine in these claim cases so that the proper party can pay off the damages in fairness to everyone involved.

Car Vandalism

Someone stole your hubcaps or broke your window glass. Acts of vandalism are definitely covered by most insurance claims. Report these issues as soon as they occur. The insurance company needs to document the problem and offer repair coverage.

Single-Car Crashes

You veer off of the road and into a ditch. The vehicle is damaged, but you didn’t strike any other cars. This insurance claim is referred to as a single-car crash. The vehicle may have also come into contact with a pole or guardrail. All of these scenarios fall under a single-car crash. Your insurance should pay for the vehicle’s repairs along with funds to fix any inanimate objects.


A car that’s broken into can have a theft claim placed on its policy. Some policies may not have this coverage so it’s important to verify before paying the premium. Theft might include repairs to locks, replaced glass and more. Component removals, such as engine thefts, can also be included on some policies.

It’s a fact that some car accidents cannot be avoided. You can protect yourself from many different types, however. Keep a large distance between you and the car ahead of you. Look farther ahead on the road to watch out for any obstacles or dangers. By being actively observant about your surroundings, accidents should be few and far between.