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24 June 2021

Be Aware of these Detox Diet Dangers


Those who wish to do a detox diet, should know that this is only a short term solution for the long term goal of weight loss. Also, detox diets are not good for pre-existing conditions due to the need for an abundance of specific nutrients. Some of the diets are low in fiber, which can sometimes be more harmful than good. Here are some more ways in which detox diets can be dangerous for you:

Lower Calorie Intake

Depending on the type of detox diet a person takes part in, their caloric intake can be decreased from the recommended 2,000 calories per day to a mediocre 800 calories per day. When this regimen is followed for multiple days, the continued lower caloric intake can make the body feel as if it is starving. The metabolism is likely to slow down because the body tries to store calories to prevent itself from feeling hungry.

Mirage of Weight Loss

Due to the body’s reduction of the caloric intake during a detox, people lose a small amount of weight. This does not last, however, because the pounds lost are largely water weight pounds. Once the diet is over, people generally start back eating their favorite foods to reward themselves for going on the detox diet in the first place. This is when pounds lost during the diet, are gained back and people tend to go back to their old eating habits.

Extreme Regimens

Short Term cleanses and detoxes are made necessary by extreme regimens. These regimens include deprivations that can be harmful to the body. The extreme detox rules usually include the absence of protein and a lower intake of essential nutrients.

Increase in Hunger

A detox can make you feel slim, but in actuality, this may be a feeling of hunger, weakness and lethargy. This makes some detox diets harmful, especially if the feeling of hunger is not satisfied. Low calorie and low nutrition diets also produce unwanted side effects.

Increase in Bathroom Time

Detoxes can be dangerous due to the increase in bathroom time. Side effects from bowel movements that are not normal can also occur. Being the bathroom for a prolonged amount of time can make you irritable. Frequent toilet visits can also lead to dehydration, skin irritation, and a further loss of nutrients.

Side Effects

Epic bowel movements are not the only side effect. There are plenty others that people experience during diet detoxes. Some people may even feel miserable. This is due to unhealthy side effects such as those who experience low blood sugar, hunger pains, fatigue, lethargy and nausea.

Health Issues

Detoxes or changes in the body, of any kind, can cause imbalances in the body’s electrolytes. This can lead to an irregular heartbeat. These electrolytes are needed to preserve nervous and muscle system functions. The longer electrolyte levels are depleted, the greater the risk for various health issues.

Remember, detox can be necessary for some, and healthy, if done correctly. However, dieters should aim to focus more on simple, natural detoxes for weight loss and overall health. Natural detox includes flushing toxins by drinking water or detox teas and eating wholesome, vitamin enriched foods. Additionally, if detox diets appeal to you, you could also consider increasing your intake of non-processed foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and wholesome grains. This would be good for your body and help to provide lasting, healthy results.