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By Recreation Team | 10 July 2021

These Antitheft Products Will Change the Way You Travel

antitheft luggage

Traveling provides many sources of enjoyment, but there is also a level of anxiety present due to the frequent thefts travelers experience. If you’re preparing yourself for an upcoming trip and are concerned about being the victim of theft, these anti-theft products will change the way you travel.

1 - Antitheft Clothing

Modern advances in clothing design have created a plethora of impressive antitheft clothing that belongs in the wardrobe of every traveler. Antitheft pants contain hidden pockets for your valuables as well as visible pockets that contain zippers and velcro for added security. These pants can cost you upwards of $100 but are well worth the investment. Socks can also be purchased with antitheft hidden pockets, available for both men and women, which will cost you upwards of $50.

2 - Antitheft Backpack

While out on your travels, your backpack is your constant companion and the container where most of your valuables are stored. This makes backpacks a prime target for those wishing to steal from unsuspecting travelers. Investing in an antitheft backpack can save your valuables from being stolen out of your backpack while you’re wearing it out in public. Most antitheft backpacks will have a hidden zipper to prevent someone from opening it while it’s on your back. Some antitheft backpacks have a waist strap to prevent the bag from being ripped off of your shoulders. You can even find antitheft backpacks that are created using a slash-resistant material to prevent thieves from cutting your bag open. These antitheft backpacks will cost you from $60-$120 based on the brand name, anti-theft features, and design.

3 - Luggage Locks

Luggage locks are designed to keep the dual zipper tabs on your luggage bags joined together to prevent someone from opening your luggage to pilfer your possessions. These locks can prove to be a hassle to the security agents at airports, so be sure to purchase luggage locks that are approved by most security organizations. Luggage locks are fairly inexpensive and can cost as little as $8, depending on where you shop.

4 - Money Belt

When you’re out and about on your travels, the last thing you want to worry about is someone stealing your money or credit/debit cards. Unfortunately, these are items that you need to carry on you when you travel so that you can make purchases and pay for travel expenses. A money belt is a great way to protect all of the small valuable objects that you keep on your person. Antitheft features of money belts include RFID Block protection, zippered pockets, durable waist straps, and reinforced stitching. Money belts are incredibly affordable, ranging from $10-$20 in most stores.

5 - Travel Wallet

Modern technology has allowed thieves to get access to your money and information in many ways. One of these ways being RFID (radio-frequency identification) which allows thieves to electronically steal your credit/debit card information from your chipped cards via an electronic device as they stand near you. Purchasing a travel wallet made of RFID-blocking material is a great way to prevent this type of electronic theft. Travel wallets should also come with zippered pockets and a hidden outside zipper. Travel wallets have a large price range beginning at $27 and getting as high as $195, so you’re sure to find one that fits both your budget and needs.