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By Consumer Team | 28 Feb. 2018

Why Is Your Internet Speed Slowing Down?


There can be a number of reasons behind a slow internet connection. Sometimes, it is because of some fault of the ISP (Internet Service Provider) and sometimes the internet users do something that slows it down. There’s a chance that it can be both. Let us understand some of the most common causes and find a solution.

It Is Not The Connection But The Wi-Fi

Sometimes the user may have the fastest internet connection but Wi-Fi degrades the speed in many ways. The majority of the people will not use all the bandwidth because the reception of Wi-Fi usually is bad. There are many ways that can help the user improve it, however, they will take you only so far. When a user is using the internet without any wire or, in simpler terms, wireless, he/she has to keep low expectations most of the time. The following are the common incidents that can happen under ideal situations.

Using 802.11ac: Unless a user has one internet connection capable of exceeding a speed of 50 to 80 Mbps, he/she does not need to worry or think about slow internet speed.

Using 802.11n: Although 802.11n (around 25 to 30 Mbps) can, theoretically, handle relatively faster speeds & few routers can help boosting the bandwidth a little with the help of certain technologies such as MIMO, internet speeds in the given range are not uncommon.

Using 802.11g: When the internet connection is limited to 5 to 15 Mbps, the user should upgrade the router if he/she is supposed to have a faster connection.

Before a user can start assuming that he/she is not getting the desired speeds that he/she paying for, ensure the expectations aren’t too much. Run one speed test or slow download from the computer that is hardwired (preferably via gigabit ethernet) & compare the outcomes. If the machine gives the speeds that the user was expecting, then he/she has a Wi-Fi problem and if that is happening in just one part of the house, then it may just be bad reception. In that case, try moving it somewhere else.

Your Router Is Not Doing Its Job

Routers are basically little computers, which manage the network. Sometimes the go into overdrive and cause problems. That is why most routers need regular restarts. Sometimes this problem can be fixed, but sometimes a user may end up with one bad router. Strangely, the routers often will not fail by dying completely. Rather, they will stop functioning well and the user will not notice immediately. If the router becomes one declining dud, then the user will probably need a new one.

There Is A Problem With The Modem Or Your Line

A user should not forget that his/her ISP can be the problem. When a user rents a used modem, he/she may get low-quality hardware. In addition to that, the line that is provided to his/her place, which brings the internet connection, whether, by cable, fiber, or phone has to stay outdoors, where the user will find hostile or bad weather conditions, wild animals, bugs, and more. A lot can happen, and if the user has ruled out everything else, then he/she should consider calling the respective ISP and when the ISP technician arrives, they should be asked to get the line checked or monitored if they cannot fix the issue.

These are the most common kind of problems related to slow internet connections. In order to enjoy the best internet services, a user should always know the basics first.